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Rick Northup was born Richard Lawrence (After Uncle Lawrence Knox) Northup at home in Puposky, Minnesota in Beltrami County on June 17, 1944, the fifth child of Vyron and Helen Northup. Here is how Mom describes the event:
"When you were borne 60 years ago it was raining a hard steady rain. Dad had started to add a bedroom on the north side of the living room and there was an opening next to the ceiling for the rafters to join and the mosquitoes were coming in . It was late when you were borne and Uncle Claude and aunt Cora came over so Aunt Cora could help with the birth. Dad was sound asleep in the morning and Judy came to our bed wanting me to help her up and I couldn't as I was hemhorraging when I would try to help her. Poor little tyke she was sucking her fingers and looking at me with her big eyes like "What's the matter with you. Mamma?" And I couldn't wake Daddy up."

Life has not changed much in 60 years. It is still cold and rainy and I am mostly causing my Mom and My sister un-necessary grief.

Rick was in the Navy from 1962 through 1966. He made Electrician's Mate 3rd Class, but worked mostly as Division Clerk and Department Supplies Petty Officer while aboard the U.S.S. Kearsarge (CV-33). After discharge in California, he worked for a time as a commercial fisherman before going to work for Western Electric as an Installer of Telephone Central Office Communication equipment. After a time, he quit and moved to Washington State to be closer to family. Rick's brother Chuck was in the siding business,and they went to work as partners in 1968.
Rick was married in October of 1969 to Donna Jean Buckeye, (10-30-1953), originally from Minnesota. They moved back to the farm in the winter of 1969/1970, and in March, Rick returned to work in Minneapolis for Western Electric. He attained the level of Index # 4 before being laid off in 1975 in the Fall. In 1977, brother Ron, and his wife, Sheryl together with sister Judy and husband Frank Fowler joined Rick and Donna in a joint venture with buying and operating the Nebish Store in Puposky, Minnesota and Rick and Donna moved up for good in 1978, and took over sole operation of the store in 1979. They bought out Frank and Judy and Ron and Sheryl's interest by the Summer of 1981. The store burned withut insurance in 1985, and in the Fall of the year, after trying to make a wholesale business work, they went into the restaurant business. Ricardo's Tacos only lasted 8 months before they threw in the towel on that one. Donna went to work waiting table, and there were quite a number of years with Rick having very little going on before getting into greenhouse operation in 1995. On Jan 11, 1999, Rick returned to Western Electric, now Lucent Technologies, and is there presently employed, and traveling all over the country installing Telephone systems.

Rick and Donna Northup had seven children. Larry, Jeana and Cheryl were born in Minneapolis. Cynthia, April and Juliana were born during the store years and Joshua was born in 1991. Rick and Donna were active in Cursillo and Evangelical Covenant Church of Bemidji, Minnesota, when they were up there, but since moving to the Twin Cities, have not settled into a single Church Family, but bounce around from here to there. They maintain two homes now and spend a lot of week-ends at the old log cabin on the home place. Mostly fixing and restoring.

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Rick and Donna Northup Family

Children of Rick and Donna Northup

Lawrence Donald Northup b. May 16, 1970 Hennepin County General Hospital, Mpls, Mn. M. 1.) Leanne Denise Cordell; June 7, 1991 (Divorced)
2.) Allison Thomas; February 2001
Jeana Rochelle Northup b. June 12, 1972 St Mary's Hospital, Mpls, Mn. M. Brian Richard Lundeen (b. 30 July 1970); August 21, 1993
Cheryl Ruth Ann Northup B. June 18, 1973 St Mary's Hospital, Mpls, Mn. M. John Allen Ballek (b. 10 June 1966); June 08, 1991
Cynthia Mae Louise Northup B. June 12, 1978 at the Store in Nebish
April Joy Northup; B. April 10, 1980 at the Store in Nebish
Juliana Grace Northup B. July 20, 1982 In Beltrami COunty Hospital, Bemidji, Mn M. Jacob Joshua Anderson (b. 09/08/??); July 07, 2000
Joshua Jacob Northup B. Feb 19, 1991 at home in Pleasant Valley with four sisters watching and taking pictures.
Rick's Graduation Picture
Rick and Donna Wedding Picture
Very Early Donna And Her GrandMa Buckeye
Rick And Donna Family In The Store
Rick, Donna, Josh and April; Out Fishin'
Cousin, Gary and Connie with Rick and Josh at Colliding Rivers in Oregon this past Winter.
Rick, Donna and Josh with Connie at Colliding Rivers.
Rick and Donna on the Trolley in Chicago
Here's a 1999 Picture Of Rick with his Mother and Siblings, along with Uncle Dean
Rick Working in Elgin, Illinois
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